How to fix up car scratches and make your car look like new again.

Scratches on a car are incredibly annoying, especially if the paint is new and the scratch was not your fault.  However, there are ways to cover scratches from home, whether deep or just on the surface. If you just follow our guide, you can get your paint to look like new:


Gather all the materials needed for the job:


– 1 jar of clear varnish
– 1 clean cloth
– Rubbing
– Alcohol pads
– Wax
– Scratch Repair Kit
– Micro fibre cloths
– Mushrooms of wax and polishing
– Masking tape
– Newspapers


Wash the car thoroughly. The cleaner the paint, the better results you will get.


chipsaway repair example for cosmetic repairs


If the scratch goes through the clear varnish coat into the paint, you will feel a sharp edge on each side of the scratch. You have to start by smoothing out this. Apply rubbing on a clean cloth and rub in a small, circular motion. Be careful not to press too much, otherwise it will scratch the worse and you damage the paint around.


Clean the area again and make sure to remove all the gems inside and around the scratch. You do not want to be rubbing stuck inside the scratch, this will have a negative impact on the final score.


Apply masking tape on either side of the scratch and follow exactly the scribe line. The closer you put the scratch tape, the better the end result. If you have multiple scratches in the same area so you can just fix one at a time. It takes a week for the color to interpret the brand and in the meantime you can not put masking tape on that particular area without destroying all your hard work.


Take an alcohol wipe or antiseptic wipes and clean the scratch again.
Apply 3 or 4 stock car paint in even layer on the scratch. The thinner each layer, the smoother will be the result.


Let it dry for at least 10 minutes.


When it dries, apply 3 or 4 layers of clear, again in thin, even layers. Take your time if you need to remember that because this is the clear coat, you will not be able to see the results. Believe that it has been applied and do not hang up layer by layer, just because you can not see it.


Carefully remove the masking tape before the paint dries clear. Let it dry first, it can easily happen that the color goes with the tape.


You have to let the paint and clear coat dry for at least a week before you do anything else, otherwise the color just to go off and start again.


After a week, you can use the scratch repair kit on the scratch. Carefully follow the instructions.


Since you may be able to polish and apply wax on the scratch and the area around. Rub in small circles and you should end up with a brand that is barely visible in the distance.


If you take your time and follow the process so you will end up with a result that is as effective as paint jobs throughout the car. In the worst case, the scratch only appear when you focus on it.