Getting the Look

Instructions for wet application of vinyl stripes:

  • Prepare the surface. Application surface must be clean of wax oil and grease.
  • Position striping as a test fit. Be careful not to stretch the vinyl.
  • Prepare a soapy solution using 4-5 drops of dish soap to one quart of water. Do not add too much soap as this will prevent proper adhesion. Position striping and remove release liner exposing adhesive.
  • Wet the back of the exposed striping and the application surface thoroughly. Press striping on to application surface removing some of the solution.
  • Position the stripes where you want them. Take a step back to eye up the alignment. Re-position as necessary using measurements from the reference points of the vehicle. (i.e. The cars logo or washer jets.)
  • Once properly aligned, go over the entire stripe with a soft cloth or squeegee to ensure bond and that no air bubbles are present.
  • Check your work the next day. If you find air bubbles, pierce them with a pin and gently work the air out with your squeegee.
  • To ensure a permanent bonding, allow at least 72 hours in direct sunlight before washing.